Our History

Hope Inspired Ministries (HIM) was established in January, 2012. Our vision is to help men and women who were chronically unemployed to be able to obtain and maintain employment.


Hope Inspired Ministries (HIM) was established in January, 2012 by Michael Coleman.

Hope Inspired Ministries (HIM) was founded in January 2012, in Montgomery, AL, by Michael Coleman, a retired Army veteran of 21 years and former pastor. Being frustrated with the continued failures of society to address the generational poverty problem, Michael invested his life savings into a program that was truly transformational in its nature.

Instead of bringing a traditional band aid approach by helping people survive in poverty, HIM’s approach is radically different. HIM trains people, through a system of structure and accountability combined with empathy and compassion, how to escape the hopelessness and despair found in a lifetime of poverty.

HIM has grown every year in its existence. It has proven that even the most marginalized men and women of our community can become self-supporting, productive citizens.

Due to its proven formula for success, in 2017, HIM expanded their services into the Birmingham communities of Woodlawn, East Lake, and surrounding areas. In 2019, a partnership with The Foundry Ministries began in the Birmingham area to serve the men seeking help in their program. Through a collaborative effort with the Montgomery Baptist Association, we expanded into Lowndes County in 2020.

A Message From Our Founder

Michael Coleman

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” In this video, the Founder of Hope Inspired Ministries, Michael Coleman, shares different aspects of the ministry to include the history, curriculum, processes and outcomes.