We help our students find employment while they study

Who We Server

How Hope Inspired Ministries Helps Interns

Once students have completed the first phase (6 weeks) of their 9 week job training program, they take the next step to their unpaid internships.

These are the essentials details that you need to be aware of:

  • Our students have already experienced 240 hours of classroom instruction learning essential employment and life skills. Each student simply wants the opportunity to prove they are ready to enter the workforce and be successful.
  • Students are available five days a week, Monday – Friday, for three weeks.This is a total of 120 hours.
  • Each student signs a liability waiver for your company. No matter what happens on the job, they forego any opportunity to sue you which completely protects your business. This is a priority for us!
  • Students are expected to work with the same diligence as you would expect a paid employee to do.
  • We expect our students to be on time, motivated, and flexible when it comes to serving your business needs.
  • While we do not anticipate problems, we are available anytime with a simply phone call to address any concerns you might have.

You can help our students with the following:

  • While there is no requirement to hire the student at the end of their internship, please consider hiring them or help place them with another business if they performed well during their time with you.
  • If you are not hiring, we ask that you serve as a reference for them on their resume. This is only if our student performs well on their internship and have earned a good recommendation.