X’aviera Lewis

Before X’aviera came to Hope Inspired Ministries, she was procrastinating and holding on to anger, self-pity, and resentment from her past. She felt as though all hope was lost and that she would be in this dark hole for the rest of her life, until she heard about Hope Inspired Ministries.

When X’aviera started the H.I.M. class, she learned that God never actually left her in those dark times. In fact, he was with her the entire time. She learned how to deal with conflict in a healthy manner and how to work with people who have different personalities. She also stated that it was encouraging to hear other perspectives from her classmates while attending the program, especially during devotion. X’aviera believes that this helped her open up and allowed healing to begin in her heart.
With all that being said, X’aviera had an amazing breakthrough and is now excited for this next chapter in her life. Her goal is to obtain her GED, and she is currently looking for stable housing for herself and her two children. She was recently hired at The Exceptional Foundation, where she is working with kids and adults who have special needs. We are so proud of her!
Gelena Bronshteyn
Before coming to Hope Inspired Ministries, Gelena and her mom struggled with homelessness. In 1991, they traveled from Israel to the United States where they battled homelessness off and on, trying to make it. Gelena found a place called Pathways, and they were able to help both Gelena and her mom get into their stable housing called Safe Haven. As she began classes at Hope Inspired Ministries, Gelena learned better communication skills, conflict resolution, and even learned some valuable information on nutritional health as well as a few tips on fashion. Those of you who follow us on social media saw the incredible transformation photos of Ms. Gelena. As far as her goals are concerned, Gelena admires the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “I have a dream.” For Gelena, that dream encompasses a peace of mind, prosperity, and to maintain a healthy lifestyle with access to quality food, and to never be homeless again. Once she gets into an apartment with her mom, she will be looking for part-time employment. We are so proud of how far she has come!
Renee Goggans

Before coming to Hope Inspired Ministries, Renee was on a very difficult journey, which led her down a lot of wrong paths. She had many chances to join the H.I.M. program in the past, but God knew that she was not ready, until recently. Our Director of Operations, Farrah, visited Pathways and spoke about the H.I.M. classes, and something just clicked in Renee to start this time. Renee says she is so grateful to God for helping her in her decision.

Once class began, Renee began to open up. When we first met her, she was quiet and timid but now is confident, funny, and has tons of personality. Renee says she really enjoyed having People’s Bank come to class, because she needed to learn all she could about finances and how to open up a bank account. She also loved Mrs. Cotia from Extensions Health and Wellness class. She was very funny and made the day much better. Her future plans are to move to New York to be with her fiance and soon to be son, and have a second chance at being a mom. She has officially been hired at Walmart, and we are so proud of her!
Rosa Pegueros
Rosa’s journey to Hope Inspired Ministries was not an easy road. As a young girl, Rosa experienced both mental and physical abuse from family members. She knew she needed to get out, as this was not a healthy environment. Rosa made a vow to herself that once she had a family, they would not grow up in this type of hostility.
While some may try to resent or blame God for this type of upbringing, Rosa says this is where she encountered God’s true love for the first time. “I was alone on my bedroom floor and crying my eyes out. It was an unexplainable feeling of His presence, in a chaotic situation.” she recalls.
When Rosa made the decision to leave, she found herself homeless for the first time. However, her faith and love for the Lord remained strong. Rosa eventually found a women’s shelter, which is where she heard about Hope Inspired Ministries.
During the program, Rosa earned the Student of the Week award on the first week of class. She strengthened her soft skills, communication skills, and her character. She learned how to deal with conflict resolution,  negotiation skills, and how to handle people with different personalities.
Slowly, Rosa began to heal and even helped others find healing. She made the decision to be baptized, and she beautifully reminded us, “God doesn’t call the equipped. He equips the called.”
Now, Rosa is a full-time employee with Buffalo Rock in their HR Department. She also received Hope Inspired Ministries’ Honor Graduate Award, which is the highest honor our students can receive. We are so proud of Rosa and glad to have her as part of our H.I.M. Family! Click here to listen to Rosa’s powerful graduation speech.