About Hope Inspired Ministries

Hope Inspired Ministries (HIM) serves those who are chronically unemployed by preparing and equipping them to obtain, maintain, and excel at employment.

Who We Are

Hope Inspired Ministries (HIM) is a faith-based, local non-profit designed to train chronically unemployed men and women to obtain and maintain employment. Through a rigorous 9-week job training program, each student participates in 360 hours of training which includes soft skills, employment skills, financial management, problem solving, conflict resolution and so many other critical skills. Each student participates in an internship with a local business. We conclude the course with a cap and gown graduation where every student offers a 3-5 minute speech regarding lessons learned in the course.

We at HIM believe the best way to help the poor is to train them how to become self-sufficient by utilizing the gifts and abilities that our Creator has bestowed upon each of them. In doing so, we hope to bring honor to our God by the transformation that He produces in our students!

Our Class

Soft Skills: Students learn the importance of honesty and a good work eithic.

Employment Skills: Students learn what employers expect, how to write a resume, how to answer interview questions, and how to get along with supervisors and co-workers.

Financial Literacy: Students learn how to pay their bills and manage other financial resources. 

Chatacter Building: Students learn the personal qualities that all employers demand.

Docuamentation Assistance: Students receive help in obtaining identification such as driver’s license, social security card, birth certificate, etc. 

Internships: Students recieve up to 120 hours of on the job experience, providing a real edge when it comes to obtaining employement. 

Spirituality: Students san easily learn in an opne environment and grow in a deepr relationship with God. 

Life Coaching: Students recive advice from staff members. We refer to proffesional counselors as needed.

Support System: Once you step through the doors at Hop eInspired Ministires, you have a family for life.