How You Can Help

How You can help Hope Inspired Ministries

Our focus is on chronically unemployed men and women 18-49. The question becomes “who exactly are these men and women?” There are many reasons why people find themselves in these circumstances and we seek to address any of these in order to help them transform into productive citizens. These range from prison records, past addictions, and a general lack of knowledge and understanding as to what it takes to be successful in the workplace. Regardless of the specific reasons, it is our intent to enter into a relationship where anyone who desires to become self-sufficient has the ability to do so. We have six different ways someone can volunteer to help us make a difference in these lives.

Lunch Providers

Come and help us feed the students

Devotion Leaders

Come lead our class with a morning devotion



Be a postive role model to one of our students



Help us cover the cost of providing for these students



Come share your story with the students


Prayer Warriors

Being a prayer warrior gives you the chance to provide our students with support