What started out as a roommate relationship, has turned into brothers for life.

Johnny (pictured left) came to Hope Inspired Ministries unemployed, depressed, and at a stand-still in life. He was searching for a change. After reading a pamphlet about Hope Inspired Ministries, Johnny was intrigued by the information about God and education, and he knew this program was what he needed. After the first day of class, Johnny was filled with excitement and couldn’t wait to tell his friend and roommate, Rickey, about H.I.M.

Similar to Johnny, Rickey (pictured right) was in a hard place in life before Hope Inspired Ministries. He was stuck in a day-by-day routine, not working, and only inviting what the street had to offer each day. When Johnny explained his experience with H.I.M., Rickey knew he had to see what this program was all about.

We are proud to report that through Hope Inspired Ministries, both Johnny and Rickey have turned their lives around. They learned about work ethic, body language, interview skills, character development, and behavior management. They grew in their relationships with the Lord, and both men are now employed through Waffle House!

Rickey says, “If it wasn’t for Johnny, I definitely would not be where I am today. Hope Inspired Ministries has been a wonderful and positive learning experience for me.”

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