Often, we are asked about our students and the challenges they face. Our first opportunity to get to know a potential student comes when a H.I.M. coach conducts the initial applicant interview. To meet students where they are, it is so important for us to understand their challenges and provide assistance that helps them resolve issues and gain confidence that they do have options, that their life can get better.  

Not all applicants follow through with the workforce development training, but the students who show up and stick with the program have similar challenges. Many have prior or current addictions, prior incarceration or arrests, a mental health diagnosis, or limited education. The chart below provides a glimpse of challenges faced by our applicants this year.

The H.I.M. team and our amazing cadre of volunteers are a blessing to our students. Together, they provide the students with the structure and accountability of a workplace, and wrap them with empathy and compassion.  The transformation from dependency to self-sufficiency has a long-lasting impact on the students who graduate.  When their personal dignity is restored and hopelessness is removed, the skills and values can be passed down to children and grandchildren and ultimately this has a generational impact on society. Changed lives changes communities.  And blessed students bless our staff and volunteers every day.