One of the first people to welcome me to Hope Inspired Ministries was Katie Belser, an energetic volunteer whose joy to serve others exudes from every pore. Not only was she a regular lunch provider, but she was the volunteer coordinator of all lunch providers for the Birmingham campus. Katie built a solid network of individuals, churches, and corporations who regularly show up to feed our students. Katie’s hard work establishing relationships blessed the new community relations team, and she continues to be a resource to us.

I caught up with Katie recently, and asked her why she likes to bless our ministry with food for the students. She quickly responded, “I love to see the students and meet them. I love to watch their faces light up as they fill their plates and tummies. It blesses me to bring lunch to the students knowing that I’m providing a scrumptious meal to them.”

Katie knows that sometimes it’s their only meal of the day, and that makes her want to do her best. “Food is a universal thing that unites us as people,” she continues. “I love bringing unity and food to the table!”

At Katie’s house, she uses her volunteer work to teach her two small boys about being a servant for the Lord’s Kingdom. She says providing that example to them is important to her.  Sometimes, she lets them help stir the pot and load up the car. “They love to come into H.I.M. and see everyone and be a ray of sunshine to all who are there!”

I asked Katie her favorite dish to cook. She responded that she is famous for her herb baked chicken with cheesy mashed potatoes with gravy, and green beans. Those are always a hit.

When asked her favorite thing to tell others about Hope Inspired Ministries, she replied, “It is how they strive to help others survive in this world. They equip them not only with Godly principles but with tools to take with them into the work force and their daily lives. They are like family to the students and make it known that they are loved!”

Thank you Katie for your servant’s heart, and for the blessing you bring to Hope Inspired Ministries.

To make an impact like Katie has, please click here to explore volunteer opportunities.