Cynthia Bush

Last year was a difficult year for Cynthia due to the coronavirus outbreak. Cynthia has an outgoing personality and considers herself to be a people person, so when COVID began, she felt broken and miserable. She missed seeing family and friends. While going to get groceries at Piggly Wiggly one day, she noticed an area outside of the store where Hope Inspired Ministries was giving away free hamburgers and hot dogs. She decided to go over and get her blessing, never really recognizing that this blessing was bigger than a burger. While waiting on her burger, Mrs. Farrah asked her if she would like to come and take classes at Hope Inspired Ministries. Since beginning the class, we have seen Cynthia grow leaps and bounds. She was always willing to help people and never took the time to focus on herself. With help from the staff encouraging her that it’s okay to say no sometimes, she finally understood what boundaries were and how important it is to guard her heart above all else. Now, she is happy and whole and is interning at Grace Klein Community where she thrives in helping others. We are so proud of her and know that God has a plan for her life.

Audre Cane

Prior to Hope Inspired Ministries, Audre had several unpleasant experiences, but God was always with her. She was working, but it was simply a job where she was trying to get from one point to the next. She heard about Hope Inspired Ministries through Pathways Women’s Housing. Mrs. Zeola and Ms. Sinika told her that she would love Hope Inspired Ministries and that we would help her find a job. They knew what she wanted and needed.

Since starting the class, God has opened many doors for Audre, and she has grown her relationship with God even more through this process. God also opened a door for Audre to continue her career in Cosmetology, and she is now working full time at Super Cuts in Vestavia. We are so proud of her accomplishments and how she continues to teach other people how to fish as well.


Sarah Cochran

Before coming to Hope Inspired Ministries, Sarah’s life was one of inconsistency and instability. She struggled with a severe addiction for the better part of her twenties. Having a little boy at 30 years old helped her to be determined and get better, but she always tried to do it on her own. “Something always seemed to be ‘off’ and missing,” she recalls.

In July 2020, Sarah and her son went to and completed a residential rehabilitation program for women and children. From there, they went to a women’s shelter called Pathways, which is how Sarah heard of Hope Inspired Ministries. Sarah eventually moved into her new home right when class started, which gave her time to work on herself.

With the encouragement of Mr. Darius Haney over the phone, she came to H.I.M. and immediately loved the atmosphere when she walked into the building. She learned that it’s okay to be broken but not to wallow in her emotions – good or bad. She learned that she’s not alone, and with God in her life, anything is possible. She learned to love herself again.

Since completing the class, Sarah has been actively pursing employment and has gone on several interviews. Her goal is to go to school through Generations USA, where she can study Information Technology. We are proud of her for being dedicated in pursuing her dreams.


Annette Robertson

In December, Annette ended a relationship with an abusive man that she had known off and on for four years (whom she tried to help). As a result, she was left alone on the side of I-65, while he took her van and headed north outside of Alabaster. This led her to live in a shelter in Columbiana. Within a few months’ time, she went from having a job, a vehicle, and a place to call home, to being all alone in a strange city. This was her wakeup call. Something had to change.

After a few months, Annette came to Birmingham. God led her here with an open heart and mind. She hopes that she can inspire and bring hope to someone out there feeling hopeless, alone, and lost, just like Hope Inspired Ministries did for her. Since starting the class, she has blossomed into a beautiful woman of God and went from quiet and shy to now confident and talkative. We are proud to announce that she has been hired at Springhill Suites near the Summit as a housekeeper and did an internship with Grace Klein Community along side some of her classmates. We are so proud of her!

Jackie Saunders

In early 2021, Jackie was homeless due to her health. While she was in the hospital, she contracted COVID-19.  Since then, she’s been in a lot of pain and has not fully recovered. She could not work, and the homelessness led her to Pathways, a shelter in the Birmingham community. There, the intake worker, Bailey, told her about Hope Inspired Ministries. She gave her a pamphlet to read, and that’s when she decided to enroll in the nine week class.

When she started class, it was more than what she thought.  She has learned a lot about interviewing and the ten things that require zero talent that all employers are looking for in employees. Some of those things are: a  positive attitude, showing effort, being on time, and having passion for what you do.

Tasha Scott, a guest speaker, talked to us about setting goals and making new habits. She said, “To get different results, I need to make new actions.” For Jackie, that meant going back to school and finishing her bachelor’s degree in human resources, and eventually studying to become an R. N. Jackie is ready to get back to her church, get back into the full swing of things, find a job in healthcare, and get her life back on track. She thanks Jesus for allowing her to go through this process at Hope Inspired Ministries.


Hellen Vasquez

Hellen’s story begins with a missed appointment at Serving You Ministries. As she sat in her car, a gust of wind shook a sign that got her attention. The sign said, “Can’t keep a job? Let us help!!!” She called the number, and Hellen recalls the answering voice as very welcoming. She knew Hope Inspired Ministries was what she needed.

After enrolling in the H.I.M. program, Mrs. Farrah asked Hellen, “Are you sure this won’t be too much on you after working a graveyard shift?” Hellen told her that she had to do this, not only for herself, but for her kids.

Before attending this class, Hellen asked God, “What is it that you want me to learn that I’m not doing right?” She says that Hope Inspired Ministries helped reveal her purpose. After completing the classes, we decided to put her on an internship at Grace Klein Community along with a few of her other classmates to put the skills she has learned into practice. Hellen has shown us that no matter the obstacles you go through in life, you can overcome by serving others through your pain. Recently, Hellen’s mom fell ill, so she and her brother flew out to Texas for a week to make sure her mom was okay. In that time, she always stayed in touch and was excited to get back to her internship. Her goals are to graduate from the program and fly back out to Texas one more time to check on her mom. She has also been hired at Amada Senior Care and will continue working! We are so proud of her strength through this process and how she carries herself with grace and poise!