After seeing the change in one of his family members’ lives, DeMarco Jiles asked, “What pushed you to make such a change?” She replied, “Hope Inspired Ministries.” From that moment on, DeMarco knew that he had to get involved and become a student for the next class. After graduating from high school, Demarco started working for a construction company where he worked long, hard hours for a small amount of pay. He became a father to two boys and knew he needed to find a better job to support them the way a father should. Hope Inspired Ministries made a change in the community that brought DeMarco to the front door of the classroom. He says starting the program is easy, but taking in all the lessons and trusting the process was more difficult than he imagined it would be. Nevertheless, he stuck with the program, and after 9 weeks of class, he is proud to say that he is a graduate of Hope Inspired Ministries. The instructors showed him love and compassion while also teaching him patience and how to keep a relationship with God.

Demarco’s biggest takeaway from Hope Inspired Ministries is the communication skills he learned. He says that these skills help him communicate with his family and coworkers better. H.I.M. educated Demarco on how to push himself to be better, taught him life skills such as financial literacy, and helped him get his CDL. Demarco says, “I am so grateful for the opportunity to be in this program and to the people in the program who make a difference in our lives.”