Keith Hughes is a father of six children. He found himself unable to keep a job that he desperately needed to support his family. He was homeless when he came to Hope Inspired Ministries searching for a change. Hope Inspired Ministries helped him find a place to live and provided him with a new support system. Keith made many new friends who pushed him to great success throughout the program.

Keith is now a full time employee and has a bright future ahead of him. Before Hope Inspired Ministries, he described his life as “cold, dark, hopeless.” He now sees his life as “warm, happy, and successful.” He is incredibly grateful for his mentor and how he pushed Keith to be a better father. Keith feels that having his children see him graduate and walk across the stage shows them that success is possible with hard work and dedication. His biggest take away from H.I.M. is not being afraid to fail and knowing that the world is full of endless possibilities. “If you are in a bad place in your life and are ready for a change, Hope Inspired Ministries is where you need to be.”