When Vickie Simon first came to Hope Inspired Ministries, it was just to drop off her sister at the class for session three. However, the Lord spoke to her and encouraged her once she came inside, and she decided to join the class and the H.I.M. family. Through the program, Vickie learned many useful things, such as soft skills and character development.

One of the biggest obstacles that Vickie had to face was overcoming her past and truly letting it go. She has a history of addiction, a criminal record, and sadly, even lost custody of her children. She struggled to forgive herself, and like many others, she thought she had completed that journey, but the Lord showed her that she still had room to heal.

Vickie formed strong bonds with everyone at Hope Inspired Ministries. From Angelicia, Brandon, and Dana, her instructors, to John Bowman, Executive Director. The encouragement she received from the H.I.M. staff, along with her family and classmates, helped her through the six weeks of class.

Vickie is completing her internship at Friendship Mission where she is making a difference in many lives. We would love for you to join us to celebrate Vickie and the rest of her classmates at graduation. They will be sharing stories, just like Vickie’s, and hearing how much they’ve changed will change you.