Mentors are vital. They provide invaluable wisdom and encouragement to our students and act as a positive influence to those who are seeking life change.
We caught up with one of our newest mentors, Elizabeth Roth, recently, to ask her about her experience as a H.I.M. mentor.
Elizabeth says, “I would tell my friends to absolutely reach out to become a mentor. It’s not just meeting one new person and hopefully impacting their lives for the better, but joining a community of people who truly want to make a difference in the Birmingham community.” She continues, “You get an overwhelming sense of gratification¬†for helping someone you might have otherwise passed on the street or in the store. You’re making a difference whether you truly know it or not.”
As a mentor, Elizabeth spends at least one hour per week with her mentee. Each week, Elizabeth comes in with a smile on her face and catches up over lunch with her student. During their time together, Elizabeth says that she learned a lot from her mentee. “My mentee taught me that no matter what life throws at you, you can always turn it around. She taught me there are always options. It may not be what you want to do in the moment, but you do what you need to get through whatever situation you are in. She also inspires me daily through her poetry and positive outlook on life.”
When asked about her mentee, Elizabeth also stated, “She is stronger than she knows and deserves to have the life she once thought she was going to have, as long as she continues to go down the path God has set forth.
If you have a good listening ear and an understanding for other ways of life, Elizabeth highly encourages you to consider mentoring with H.I.M.
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